Top Tips For Heating Repair

The Heating Unit in Your House Will not Switch off

If the heating unit in your home carries on running and blowing warm air, you should first ensure that it is set to ‘auto,’ instead of ‘on.’ This way, it will stop running once it achieves the programmed temperature.

In the event that it carries on running after this, you might have a thermostat that is wired wrongly or broken. Also, there might be a problem with the blower on your heating unit. Your first action should be to check that the wiring is properly plugged into the thermostat. Then, you should program it to the settings advised by the manufacturer, to test how the unit runs. If you get no joy with this, you might have to get a new thermostat.

In the event that the blower is causing the problem, you should get in touch with a heating repair contractor to diagnose and rectify the issue.

Parts of Your Home are not Heating Correctly

If your house is getting different levels of heating in different areas, you might have an air filter that is dirty or problems with your ductwork. Alternatively, the heating unit’s bearings, belts or fan motor could be causing the problem. Getting a new air filter is simple; however, if there are issues with your unit or ductwork, you ought to contact a heating repair contractor.

Cold air is Emanating From Your Vents

If you have a furnace or heat pump, your home’s central heating unit distributes warmth throughout your property via a network of air ducts. While leaking ducts might impact the temperature of air that emanates from the vents, there are a few easy fixes that you should try initially.

The Thermostat — Firstly, look at your thermostat to check that it is set to the correct temperature. If it is, turn it up slightly to see if you notice the temperature difference. Furthermore, the thermostat ought to be set to ‘auto,’ instead of ‘fan on.’ Otherwise, the fan will simply emit cool air. Assuming that this all seems fine, you need to move on to examine your air filter.

The Air Filter — You should get a replacement air filter every few months, or sooner because they accumulate lots of debris and dirt. As a result, it becomes harder for your heating unit to work correctly, which might be why it is emitting cold air.

The Pilot Light — Look at the pilot light on your heating unit, to see whether it is lit. If it isn’t, then gas may not be reaching it. The problem could be that the gas valve isn’t on. If not, you ought to contact a Plano heating unit contractor to rectify the issue.

The Fuel — Irrespective of whether your heating unit runs on oil, electric or gas, it should have sufficient fuel to operate correctly, and it will not be efficient otherwise.

The Air Ducts — Leaking ducts might be responsible too. A simple way to find out is to switch your fan on, then visit your loft or crawl space. Tread on the ductwork to see whether any air is blowing. If nothing is noticeable, you can light some incense carefully, and hold this close to a junction point joint (do this for each one), to discover whether any smoke blows out of the ductwork. If it does, then you know there’s a leak problem.

The Heating Unit in Your House Will not Ignite or Remain Ignited

If you have a fairly new heater, it probably uses electronic ignition, with a pilot light that is intermittent, instead of a conventional pilot light. Occasionally, the sensors that check gas is not flowing if the heater is off become dirty, and have to be replaced or cleaned.

The Controls on the Thermostat do not Work.

If you are having problems with temperature setting or altering the unit controls, the thermostat might be the cause once again. Use the troubleshooting advice detailed above. And, if your thermostat is digital, try getting some new batteries. If these measures are ineffective, you could try resetting the thermostat to the settings recommended by the manufacturer.

If the issue persists, you should check whether a tripped circuit is the cause. Lastly, you can reexamine the wiring, although a trusted HVAC contractor will be better able to identify the issue.

The fan on Your Heating Unit Doesn’t Work

If the fan on your heating unit doesn’t work, you ought to first examine the thermostat to check that it is in the proper setting. Then, look at the air filter to check that it is clean; occasionally, a filthy air filter will cause your fan to malfunction.

Lastly, turn your circuit breakers on, if they are not on already, but do not turn them off and on frequently, because this might cause a fire. If these troubleshooting techniques are ineffective, get in touch with a qualified heating unit contractor.

Your Heating Unit is Moldy

In Florida, the climate is fairly moist, so dampness can accumulate in your property’s heating unit, especially if the ductwork or insulation is faulty or substandard. In this situation, mould can develop in the heating unit.

The most effective way to address this is to hire a knowledgeable heating unit contractor to clean the unit, and if required, correctly seal and insulate your ducts to prevent moisture from gathering.

As already stated, it is wise to replace the air filters every few months, or sooner, and get the air ducts cleaned professionally every three years.

Your Heating Unit Smells Like it is Burning.

Over the winter, when the heating is first turned on, there may be a smell of burning, because the unit is burning off any dirt and dust that has collected since the previous time it was used.

Also, the smell might be due to a filthy air filter; although, it could indicate a more severe issue. If the burning smell doesn’t go away, switch off and unplug your unit immediately. Then, clean any dirt or dust that has collected and put a new air filter on, if required.

If the issue still arises, then get in touch with a heating repair technician.

Six Reasons Why A New HVAC Is Worth Its Cost

When did you last upgrade your HVAC system? If you do not exactly remember when, it probably was too long ago, which means you need to upgrade things now. At the end of the day, it’s important your HVAC performs optimally at all times. Make sure you are getting your monies (bills paid) worth. There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your system. The expenses may push you to think twice, but the savings you’ll have over a period would be totally worth the initial expense.

The following are six benefits or reasons why you must upgrade your HVAC. If you want service provider recommendations, get in touch with the cooling and heating professionals.

1. Comfort Control

With an upgraded setup, you can set the temperature of your house at a point that’s comfortable for the inmates. This does not mean the temperature in the different portions of the house need to be the same. The system can be programmed to adjust things automatically.

With several thermostats installed in your house, parents can set a specific temperature in the living room, and the kids upstairs can set a temperature of their own in their room. Such personalization is one of the several hallmarks of these upgraded systems.

You would no longer run your air conditioner or heater for hours together to maintain the right air temperature in your room. With upgraded systems, the HVAC unit would go idle once the desired temperature has been reached. This would save you electricity costs.

2. Programmable Thermostats

If you have never used a programmable thermostat before, you should now. The thermostat ensures you are no longer welcomed by either a sweltering or freezing environment when you come home from a hard day at office. The days of adjusting temperature manually after walking in to your house and waiting patiently for the right temperature to set in are numbered.

With this basic upgrade, the thermostat can be programmed to stay at a temperature that restricts consumption of energy while you are not around. Once the time of your return is nearing, the thermostat would make appropriate adjustments based on the set time. Modern programmable thermostats could also be operated through Wi-Fi. This means you just have to pull your smartphone out to make necessary alterations, whether you are seated on your couch in your house or heading to your car.

The thermostat also ensures you do not overuse your systems. This, once again, would save you money. After you upgrade your system, your HVAC professional in Vancouver would clearly demonstrate to you how the thermostat must be adjusted and how to set the right temperature. And, if there’s a change of plans during your vacation or holiday break, changing the settings to make sure your unit is functioning the way you would like it to is simple.

3. Breathe Healthier Air

When you move to a new heating and cooling system, you would notice a tangible difference immediately. Besides the comfortable temperature levels in different rooms of your house, the quality of air inside the house would get better too.

These latest high-efficiency setups are equipped with variable speed motors that make sure the air flow is both good-quality and consistent. The thing you probably don’t want to put up with at any cost, particularly if you or someone else in your house has allergies or asthma issues, is breathe in poor-quality air. By upgrading your HVAC, your air filtration system would be renewed, which makes sure the pollutants do not enter your house.

The health of the members of your house must be high priority and HVAC modifications certainly facilitate a healthy household.

Once the system that needs the installation is decided, get in touch with your  HVAC experts to determine the intervals at which the system must go through a maintenance check. Just make sure the upkeep and care requirements of the unit are taken care of so that the system comes good for long.

4. Peace and Quiet

Do you hear your existing heating and cooling systems making significant amount of noise? By upgrading to a new HVAC unit, you would eliminate this noise to a great extent. The new units are built with modern sound-absorbing materials that bring down the noise significantly. The sound absorption technology wants to make sure you only feel the cool air and heat, and not hear it. This is a significant benefit that doesn’t get a lot of press.

5. Environmentally Conscious

You probably didn’t know that these modern heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems are environment-friendly. Thanks to the high-efficiency technology incorporated, these systems use 50 percent less fuel than the outgoing models. As a result, you are not just saving money in the long run, but also making sure that no harm is done to the environment in the process. This obviously translates to less waste, along with a focus on conservation of natural resources.

6. Extended Warranties

If you are buying a new HVAC unit to replace the old system, you are most likely putting a significant chunk of money into the investment. With a purchase as substantial as an HVAC, you should look into the warranty type your system comes with. Should problems crop up in the future with your new HVAC, the warranty should cover it without any hassle.

When buying HVAC or making any other similar product purchase, it’s recommended you understand what the extended warranty terms are. Buying the warranty could add to your initial cost. Some people even forfeit the additional warranty. But, down the road, when your HVAC unit finds itself in trouble, you would thank yourself for having paid extra for that extended warranty.

Air Conditioning Repair

Nimble Heating & Air Conditioning prides itself on being the best AC repair service in the Wauwatosa area. We save you money and provide you with professional and expert service leaving you with peace-of-mind went it comes to your choice in AC repair.

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We service all AC brands including:

  • General Electric
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Our trucks are easily recognized and arrive full stocked with necessary parts for your AC repair. Our technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing older models.

All of our techs attend regular training and are up to date on the latest equipment

We are more than just an AC repair service, we over expert advice and second opinions on diagnoses or repair quotes.

We offer a complete evaluation of your entire home to determine why the AC is not working properly. We offer advice and options to help you make an informed decision. We show you prices and perks for each repair, replacement, or upgrade. We go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.

Our Service Call fee is $19.95, this is everyday of the week no matter the time. In order to provide you with the best service in the Wauwatosa area we will always give prices up front before starting any work on your air conditioning system. We do not have an hourly rate, we quote by job. This means you always know what the price will be now matter how long the job takes.

At Wauwatosa HVAC Pros we offer second opinions free on major AC repairs. Having an AC repair can be expensive, so we make it our priority to ensure that any quote or diagnoses provided by another HVAC company is competitive and correct. We will even look over the invoice from the other AC repair company and off our advice and opinion.

Furnace Repair in Wauwatosa

To maintain a comfortable home environment during one of our Wisconsin winters, it is important to keep your furnace/heating system operating at its peak performance. Spending any length of time without heat can be both extremely uncomfortable and dangerous in sub-freezing weather. We’re committed to providing the products and services our customers need to remain comfortable through the worst our winters have to offer. You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable heating technicians to arrive at your home whenever needed to keep you and your family warm all winter long.

24-Hour Emergency Service in Wauwatosa

Sometimes your heating system will falter or break down at the worst possible time. Considering the equipment has to work so much harder during high-use times, breakdowns should not be that surprising. Breakdowns requiring heating service outside normal business hours can be very stressful. However, there’s no need to worry about ”no heat” situations at any time because our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

We’re truly on call for furnace repairs whenever you need us and you can reach us easily with just a phone call. Our service technicians are trained to work on all brands and types of furnaces and heating systems. Our heating repair services cover a full range of heating needs, bringing you the peace of mind you need during any long, cold winter.

SAVE with Our Preventive Service Program

Our customers get peace-of-mind with our preventive maintenance program, which saves them money in several ways. Our technicians perform full inspections and regular maintenance on your heating system to keep it running in peak condition. These routine checks also help reveal any potential issues before they become expensive problems. Our Preventive Maintenance customers save even more with discounts on any HVAC repair parts and other items. Check out our Preventive Maintenance program here for more details, or call us today to learn more.

Heating & Air Conditioning in Wisconsin

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