6 Common Air Conditioner Problems

In Texas, it is not a simple feast to have a Coastal Bend air conditioning unit that is reliable and functional during the peak summer season. The last thing you would want is to see your air conditioning malfunction at the time when the heat is at its peak. You should make sure you take care of all small maintenance issues long before the summer arrives and make sure you keep everything well-maintained, so you do not have to bear significant repair and maintenance costs later. If you ensure timely maintenance of air conditioners, you will also observe savings in your energy bills.

6 Frequent Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Face

All said and done; you will face some common problems in your air conditioner, and one way or another, these problems will appear with time.

We intend to assist you so you can plan for likely air conditioner predicaments and present information concerning the high-grade answers to fix the malfunctions. Going through the tips, you will have an idea how to deal with air conditioner breaks, and while you may take care of some small maintenance for other repairs, you will have to call in professional repair services.

1. Uneven/Lowered Cooling Energy

There can be many reasons for the power going down, and the cooling seems off. One tip is to make sure that the area where the ac is running has no openings. So check and double check the windows and doors and make sure everything is in order and there is no room for the cooling to escape the area. If you do not have a repair problem, this simple approach will result in better cooling. If power is still low, it means there could be other issues such as blockages in air flow or leaks in the ducts.

Airflow blockage decreases the air pressure, and it reduces the flow that helps cold air to spread in the area. Pay close attention to the rooms that are hot and inspect to confirm that there are no unobstructed issues and all the registers are open. Sometime when the condenser fan is in an imbalance, it can leave the AC off-balance which result in the uneven spread of air cooling. Another issue could be leaks in the ducts that are more common near the vent as a result of poor sealing and can cause condensation.

Call an authorized specialist to have your arrangement balanced. You should also have the unit examined for possible leaks.

2. Failure to Run

When you are incapable of switching on your AC, this can be a pointer of various problems. Damaged wiring is a possible cause for this mark, and it is risky because it can start fire accidents. If you see a poor installation of wires in your Texas HVAC system, you should look into the problem on an immediate basis. Allow a professional technician to check the predicament and fix any broken or faulty wiring if needed.

3. Iced Components

The icing on the AC coil in the indoor system can result in the hindrance of airflow a problem that you can prevent by routinely changing the air filters and cleaning the ducts so you can have a proper flow of air. You should also make sure the level of refrigerant is not down as it may lead to freezing.

4. Inconsistent Powering Performance

If your air conditioning switches on and off, notwithstanding of thermostat configuration, you are hemming airflow interference caused by dust and rubble. You can cleanse the condenser loop and evaporator, as well as repair your air filter.

5. Less cooling of Air

There are many causes why your Air is not cooling to the desired temperature. It can be due to diminishing refrigerant or a leak in the same. Other problems can be with the broken parts or blockage in airflow. If you cannot point out the fault call in the technician to inspect the unit and find reasons for power issues and the reason for less cooling, make sure the coil is clean, and you replace the filters.

6. Problem with outside Unit

Generally, there are two independent parts of an AC unit: the outside part and the inside part. The outdoor unit contains the condenser loop, compressor, electrical components, and a fan, so there are a few components that may malfunction and need some repair and maintenance.

You outside fan can break, causing an improper transfer of heat from your home and overheating the compressor. It may also cause tripping or internal breaks in the compressor.

Your outside unit can have many problems such as power problem, or the contractor problem where the gadget is not able to switch on and off the outdoor unit as it receives the indicators from the thermostat.

Proper Air Conditioner Repair: What You Should Check For

Your air conditioner should be able to deliver cold air on demand. If it cannot deliver cold air on a medium setting, then something is quite wrong. It is true that a clogged filter and condenser can affect airflow and cooling, but a more common problem is a low refrigerant level. Extreme heat is sometimes the problem, but you are better off contacting an AC repair person immediately.

Checking The Filter

Most household air conditioners have filters. This removes allergens from indoor air while also preventing the cooling system from being clogged by rushing particles. If an HVAC system is found to have no filter, then suspect dust buildup on the fins and coils of the heat exchange grill. Call a repair person because your unit might be damaged from overexertion or might need professional cleaning.

A filter might become damaged if it is heavily clogged. A filter should be changed every few months to a year depending on how fine the filter is and how many sources of pair particles are present in the house. If there are pets or a lot of foot traffic, the filter will become soiled quickly. It must be changed or cleaned as soon as it gets bad.

Regularly Inspect and Clean the Condenser

The cold side of the HVAC unit will condense water from air that is suddenly chilled below its saturation point. This condensation will collect in a receptacle and often drain to the yard. This system must be kept clean so that water can move freely. If it is not kept clear, then water vapor will build inside the HVAC unit and pump too much moisture and possible bacteria into the household air.

Check For Frost on HVAC Pipes

There should not be frost anywhere on the HVAC unit or ductwork during the summer. If there is, then the system is working too hard and those pipes are probably frozen. It might be caused by too must moisture inside the refrigerant. A dirty filter can also cause problems with air circulation.

The immediate solution is to turn the AC off and start the fan. This will circulate unaltered air that will speed the thawing of ice. The problem will likely repeat itself until the system is repaired. It is just one more reason to call an HVAC specialist who can clean refrigerant and other parts of the system.

Another idea is just not to set the thermostat below 70 degrees. There is no point in rushing cold air. Forcing a modest HVAC unit to work harder will just stress the compressor and also possibly freeze the refrigerant pipes. Any expert will tell you not to overwork your cooling system.

Proper System Settings For Longevity

Expect to achieve a 20-degree difference between indoor and outdoor air from a properly sized HVAC unit. If a heat wave hits, then trying to maintain a 72-degree temperature will cause your unit to work constantly. This will shorten the life of the unit and might even flat break it. Always attempt to reduce the workload of your system in extreme weather. If an area is routinely hot, then consider purchasing a larger unit.

Know where the emergency drain is for the HVAC unit. If water is flowing from this rather than from the regular condensation drain, then it is an important symptom for when the system has a problem. Tell this to a repair person. Anytime there is an obvious problem with the system, shut it down and have it inspected. It is better to repair a problem then force it to grow larger.

Here’s a great video recommended to us by tigerac.com/:

Maintaining Proper Unit Clearance

The household HVAC unit needs to be able to take in air and push it out without any hindrance. This means that it cannot afford to suck in leaves and cannot afford to have the flow of air impeded. Fences and bushes should not be placed very close to the unit. Bushes can be planted a few feet away to keep pets and children away, but they must be trimmed so they stay at least two feet away from the intake duct.

Nothing should be placed above the outdoor AC unit. The force of the air might blow it away and any resistance might prevent the system from cooling properly. The fan does not need to be sheltered from the rain if it is installed correctly.

Other Considerations

It is best to raise the temperature setting when away for more than a few days. Be careful with the offset setting, especially when very hot weather is expected. If the system overworks while the family is away then nobody is present to stop the system in the event of a problem.

Keeping shades closed during summer can reduce the heating bill by preventing the house from experiencing any greenhouse effect. Another way to increase efficiency is to make sure there is enough refrigerant, meaning that the pipes are properly pressurized. This only needs to be checked every few years as the sealed system leaks very slowly.

Six Reasons Why A New HVAC Is Worth Its Cost

When did you last upgrade your HVAC system? If you do not exactly remember when, it probably was too long ago, which means you need to upgrade things now. At the end of the day, it’s important your HVAC performs optimally at all times. Make sure you are getting your monies (bills paid) worth. There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your system. The expenses may push you to think twice, but the savings you’ll have over a period would be totally worth the initial expense.

The following are six benefits or reasons why you must upgrade your HVAC. If you want service provider recommendations, get in touch with the cooling and heating professionals.

1. Comfort Control

With an upgraded setup, you can set the temperature of your house at a point that’s comfortable for the inmates. This does not mean the temperature in the different portions of the house need to be the same. The system can be programmed to adjust things automatically.

With several thermostats installed in your house, parents can set a specific temperature in the living room, and the kids upstairs can set a temperature of their own in their room. Such personalization is one of the several hallmarks of these upgraded systems.

You would no longer run your air conditioner or heater for hours together to maintain the right air temperature in your room. With upgraded systems, the HVAC unit would go idle once the desired temperature has been reached. This would save you electricity costs.

2. Programmable Thermostats

If you have never used a programmable thermostat before, you should now. The thermostat ensures you are no longer welcomed by either a sweltering or freezing environment when you come home from a hard day at office. The days of adjusting temperature manually after walking in to your house and waiting patiently for the right temperature to set in are numbered.

With this basic upgrade, the thermostat can be programmed to stay at a temperature that restricts consumption of energy while you are not around. Once the time of your return is nearing, the thermostat would make appropriate adjustments based on the set time. Modern programmable thermostats could also be operated through Wi-Fi. This means you just have to pull your smartphone out to make necessary alterations, whether you are seated on your couch in your house or heading to your car.

The thermostat also ensures you do not overuse your systems. This, once again, would save you money. After you upgrade your system, your HVAC professional in Vancouver would clearly demonstrate to you how the thermostat must be adjusted and how to set the right temperature. And, if there’s a change of plans during your vacation or holiday break, changing the settings to make sure your unit is functioning the way you would like it to is simple.

3. Breathe Healthier Air

When you move to a new heating and cooling system, you would notice a tangible difference immediately. Besides the comfortable temperature levels in different rooms of your house, the quality of air inside the house would get better too.

These latest high-efficiency setups are equipped with variable speed motors that make sure the air flow is both good-quality and consistent. The thing you probably don’t want to put up with at any cost, particularly if you or someone else in your house has allergies or asthma issues, is breathe in poor-quality air. By upgrading your HVAC, your air filtration system would be renewed, which makes sure the pollutants do not enter your house.

The health of the members of your house must be high priority and HVAC modifications certainly facilitate a healthy household.

Once the system that needs the installation is decided, get in touch with your  HVAC experts to determine the intervals at which the system must go through a maintenance check. Just make sure the upkeep and care requirements of the unit are taken care of so that the system comes good for long.

4. Peace and Quiet

Do you hear your existing heating and cooling systems making significant amount of noise? By upgrading to a new HVAC unit, you would eliminate this noise to a great extent. The new units are built with modern sound-absorbing materials that bring down the noise significantly. The sound absorption technology wants to make sure you only feel the cool air and heat, and not hear it. This is a significant benefit that doesn’t get a lot of press.

5. Environmentally Conscious

You probably didn’t know that these modern heating, air conditioning and ventilating systems are environment-friendly. Thanks to the high-efficiency technology incorporated, these systems use 50 percent less fuel than the outgoing models. As a result, you are not just saving money in the long run, but also making sure that no harm is done to the environment in the process. This obviously translates to less waste, along with a focus on conservation of natural resources.

6. Extended Warranties

If you are buying a new HVAC unit to replace the old system, you are most likely putting a significant chunk of money into the investment. With a purchase as substantial as an HVAC, you should look into the warranty type your system comes with. Should problems crop up in the future with your new HVAC, the warranty should cover it without any hassle.

When buying HVAC or making any other similar product purchase, it’s recommended you understand what the extended warranty terms are. Buying the warranty could add to your initial cost. Some people even forfeit the additional warranty. But, down the road, when your HVAC unit finds itself in trouble, you would thank yourself for having paid extra for that extended warranty.

Air Conditioning Repair

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Furnace Repair in Wauwatosa

To maintain a comfortable home environment during one of our Wisconsin winters, it is important to keep your furnace/heating system operating at its peak performance. Spending any length of time without heat can be both extremely uncomfortable and dangerous in sub-freezing weather. We’re committed to providing the products and services our customers need to remain comfortable through the worst our winters have to offer. You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable heating technicians to arrive at your home whenever needed to keep you and your family warm all winter long.

24-Hour Emergency Service in Wauwatosa

Sometimes your heating system will falter or break down at the worst possible time. Considering the equipment has to work so much harder during high-use times, breakdowns should not be that surprising. Breakdowns requiring heating service outside normal business hours can be very stressful. However, there’s no need to worry about ”no heat” situations at any time because our trained technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

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Our customers get peace-of-mind with our preventive maintenance program, which saves them money in several ways. Our technicians perform full inspections and regular maintenance on your heating system to keep it running in peak condition. These routine checks also help reveal any potential issues before they become expensive problems. Our Preventive Maintenance customers save even more with discounts on any HVAC repair parts and other items. Check out our Preventive Maintenance program here for more details, or call us today to learn more.

Heating & Air Conditioning in Wisconsin

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